Don't worry about your items

Your belongings are important to you. That's why our team takes the utmost care to protect them during the moving process. Everything from your dishes to your furniture will get moved carefully. Our trucks are loaded securely. We can even build crates to keep items still during transportation. Whether you need long-distance or local moving services, you can be sure that your items will make it to your new home intact.

Schedule long-distance or local moving services from Pender Moving Services in Fairfax, Virginia today.

Helpful Moving Tips

• Boxes packed, taped properly, securely ,and ready to go
• Empty dresser drawers ahead of time and leave drawers in dresser
• Ensure all loose items are packed
• Have someone at the destination to advise movers where to place items
• For everyone's safety, please keep pets and children out of pathways
• Have yard decor packed and out of the way of the truck and movers
• Ensure all electronics and appliances are disconnected and pack remote controls together
• Keep the fragile items in one place and label them
• Pack light items in larger boxes and heavy items in smaller boxes
• Start orgnaizing your items ahead of time to avoid stress
• Don't forget to label every box to make unpacking easier.